Our Will Writing Service: Plan for the future

Nobody likes thinking about dying, even though it’s the one certainty in life. It can be difficult to consider what will happen when you are no longer here to protect your family. However, in fact, making a will is one of the most important ways in which you can ensure some measure of security for your loved ones in the event of your death.

What Happens If I Die Intestate?

If you die suddenly, either because of an accident or from natural causes, and you have not made a will, then the law takes over and divides your possessions in a standard way. This means that you have no control over who gets what and could leave some dependants – a long term partner to whom you are not married, for instance – with nothing.

More than that, though, dying without a will makes it much for difficult for those left behind to deal with your estate. The process will cost more than it would than if a will were in place. It will be time-consuming and may leave dependants without access to money in the medium term while things are being resolved. And it will also be extremely stressful at what will already be a very distressing time.

How we can help

Taking advantage of a professional will writing service also has other advantages. When considered as part of your wider financial planning, wills can help manage any inheritance tax bill, which will leave more money for your beneficiaries. If you own your own business, will writing can form part of your succession planning, ensuring your legacy – and employees’ jobs, for instance – are protected when you are no longer there to do so. And these are just a few examples.

So, although it may be hard to contemplate your own mortality, it is something that is well worth facing up to. At The Mortgage Place, we offer a professional, friendly will writing service that fits in with our wider portfolio of financial advice. Plan for the future with our will writing service – take the first step and contact us today.